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Αναζήτηση αυτού του ιστολογίου

Σάββατο 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2013

Γελοίο μήνυμα, γελοίων "Anonymous" χάκερς: "Η Ελλάδα κλέβει την ιστορία της (ψευτο)Μακεδονίας"

Η επιτομή της ηλιθιότητας, από κάτι βλαμμένους, που βλέπουν πολλά Αμερικανικά κατασκοπευτικά έργα και απειλούν ότι θα χακάρουν ελληνικές ιστοσελίδες, επειδή η Ελλάδα δεν αναγνωρίζει τη FYROM ως Μακεδονία. 

Απέραντη βλακεία, ηλιθίων υποστηρικτών του...
πιό ακραίου και γελοίου υπερεθνικισμού στον πλανήτη. 

Δείτε το βίντεο με τον ηλίθιο :

To the people of the Greece, we are Anonymous, almost every citizen in your country is an ethicist. We've been in the shadows, analyzing the work of Greece. You won't accept Macedonia in the Europe Union, unless Macedonia changes it's name.

Why is Greece trying to steal the Macedonian History?

Historian and Professor Eugene Borza who is credited as "Macedonian specialist" by the American Philological Association, and who have done extensive studies regarding the ethnicity of the ancient Macedonians, had also presented in-depth analysis on the modern Greek position which claims that the ancient Macedonians "were Greek". In his In the Shadow of Olympus (p.91-92) Borza writes: 

"Thus, long before there was a sufficient ancient evidence to argue about the ethnic identity--as revealed by language--of the ancient Macedonians, there emerged a "Greek" position claiming that the Macedonian language was Greek, and that thus the inhabitants were Greek." 

The modern Greeks have therefore, developed a position that the Macedonians were Greek, long before there was sufficient ancient evidence to argue about their ethnicity. Yet although modern historiography had long abandoned this prematurely established "Greek" position, modern Greeks are still its most zealous defenders despite the overwhelming evidence available today, which overwhelmingly shows that the Macedonians were not Greeks but a distinct nation. Borza continues: 
"For example, recent work describes the funerary stelae found in the tumulus covering the royal tombs at Vergina. These stelae date from the fourth and early third centuries, and the preponderance of names are Greek... The excavator of Vergina, Manolis Andronikos, in a useful summary of the epigraphic evidence, writes: "In the most unambivalent way this evidence confirms the opinion of those historians who maintain that the Macedonians were a Greek tribe, like all the others who lived on Greek territory, and shows that the theory that they were of Illyrian or Thracian descent and were hellenized by Philip and Alexander rests on no objective criteria." Manolis Andronikos Vergina:The Royal Tombs, 83-85." 
Here is Borza's answer to the Greek archeologist Manolis Andronikos: 
"This argument is true enough only as far as it goes. It neglects that the hellenization of the Macedonians might have occurred earlier then the age of Philip and Alexander, and can not therefore serve as a means of proving the Macedonians were a Greek tribe." 

Indeed, not only Andronakis was obviously wrong to conclude that the Macedonians were Greek, but also notice how the Greek archeologist does not point that the Macedonians might have been a separate nation. Instead he prefers to call it if not Greek, either Illyrian or Thracian, two ancient nations that can not be associated with the Balkans politics surrounding Greece, resulted from the 1913 partition of Macedonia (see below). Also notice how Andronikos used the term "like all the others who lived on Greek territory". It's like he wants to convince the reader that Macedonia has always been a "Greek territory", which is exactly what he uses as a base for his inaccurate conclusion.

Another Greek writer, Michael Sakellariou, in his Macedonia 4000 years of Greek History, 44-63 (quite questionable of accuracy title to begin with), "proves" that the "Macedonians were Greek" although he purposely avoided all evidence that does not suit such conclusion. 

Greece's attitude towards Macedonia is unfortunate and unhelpful, we're here to unite the World, to do that we must erase all hopeless conclusions that starts ethicist and hatred.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
United as One,
Divided by Zero,
Expect us!